At Atlanta Group we believe : Getting a loan should be simple.

Inspired by Digital India Atlanta Group was born in 2012 with a refreshing and revolutionary promise- “Result Driven Simple Process” Since 5 Years we have empowered and helped people and corporates meeting their financial needs ,fulfilling their Dreams and making the right financial decisions. Today we continue to offer easy loan solutions so that you can reach your goal sooner you expect.

Today Atlanta Group is one of India’s leading diversified financial services company providing a broad range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions and individuals. Atlanta Group’s services span multiple asset classes and consumer segments across domestic and geographies. Mentored by India’s Top Professionals from Various industries we have implemented a Loan processing system which is Error free, Fast and Productive. This resulted in Application to Disbursement Ratio crossing 90% which is one of the highest in the industry. We understand every Customer is Special and every case is Unique. Keeping this in mind we give individual attention and personalised approach to cater to each and every client regardless the loan amount required.

We also understand Customers with Low Financial score are neglected in the industry.

In Atlanta Group they are most welcome. We have products that perfectly help the Low CIBIL score Client to avail loan.

To handle this vast and diverse Client profile our Team are Crafted and Trained to understand and solve client’s expectation. This differentiate us from the rest of the industry.The group’s research driven approach and proven history of innovation has enabled it to foster strong relationships across all client segments. The group has sizeable presence in large retail segment, SME Class and Individuals. Atlanta group has reach across all major cities in India.

We caters to almost all the profession

  • Salaried
  • Self Employed
  • Business Owners

Customer can choose from multiple loan offers to find the financing that best fits your Business and Personal requirements.

  • Personal Loan.
  • Business Loan Unsecured and Secured.
  • Home Loan.
  • Loan against Property.
  • Balance Transfer and Top up.
  • Loan against EDC/POS Machine.
  • Loan for Online Re sellers.
  • Loan for SME
  • Loan for Low financial score or low CIBIL score client

Our Vision

“To be a leader and role model in integrated financial services business through Efficiency,Transperancy and Honesty.”

The 5 pillars of our vision that will help us achieve it are:

Leadership – we are committed to being a leader in all facets of our businesses, rather than being just another participant in the Financial Service World.

Role model – we will not become leaders by making compromises. Whatever we do, we will strive to be the best in class. And if we are the best, then our customer will have no reason to go elsewhere – therefore our leadership is assured, on pure merit.

Efficiency– our Team who are the Asset of the organisation are hand picked, crafted and trained to understand customer’s needs and provide the best solution for the benefit of the customer.

Transparency– We believe Transparency leads to Trust and deep sense of Security. This belief differtiates us from others and have created a brand recall among Customers.

Honesty– Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which Atlanta Group thrives and its the key factor why we are here in this industry for ages.

What our Mentor Mr Praveen Nair think…

We believe customer is the KING.

The KING place a lot of trust when he choose us as a partner for fulfillment of his dreams – be it fulfilling the personal needs or buying a dream home or expanding his business or going for a higher education. At Atlanta Group, our commitment  is to become a “preferred financial services brand”of choice for all our customers needs across their life cycle – a brand that customers will not only just trust but also happily endorse.

Our company is committed to a policy of diversification and a broadening of our customer base. Our policy is to make the Atlanta Groups services more attractive to customers through an increased reliability and confidence in our products. We have extended our activities over a broad range of products and also increased the geographic spread of the group.

The retail operation of Atlanta Group is undergoing a massive expansion which will result in Country wide coverage over the next couple of years. We will be using this network to strengthen our Finance Company by having branch offices within the Supercentres so that customers can attend to all their requirements under one roof.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is implicit in the policies of our Company. Our aim is not merely to build a Role Model enterprise for our stakeholders but also to enrich and give back something tangible to the communities in which we operate. We will ensure that as our finance business grows the benefits will be enjoyed by the wider business community and in the long run will contribute towards the economic development of the country at large.